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Best News Wire Press Release Distribution Services

What are the benefits of press release distribution services?

Press release distribution services are available to small businesses to distribute information to the media, journalists and the public. This service can be used to distribute content efficiently and supplement a company's digital marketing campaigns.

Providers like eReleases or Newswire send an electronic message or email containing the company's press release to a variety of media outlets when a business uses a PR distribution provider.

Sometimes, journalists and other media contacts within a business's distribution system will decide whether their viewers or readers will be interested.

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They may choose to publish the release themselves or to use it to create content about the story. This could result in free or low-cost media coverage.

This output is known as 'earned media and is valuable because anyone who follows the outlet regularly is likely see it, including potential customers of businesses that sent the original release.

Even if there is no earned content, many PR distribution companies offer valuable services.

What other activities do PR distribution agencies do?

PR distributors often offer additional services such as:

  • Writing Press Releases

  • Proofreading PRs

  • Formatting and editing PRs according to industry standards

  • SEO Optimization: Optimize PRs

  • Tag PRs to ensure they reach the right audience

  • Access to specific industry-specific social media accounts

  • Guaranteed PRs appearing on news sites and news aggregators like Google News

  • Detail media monitoring: Reports and analytics about PR and campaign performance

  • You can target specific audiences, industries, or locations with special targeting options

How do you choose a distributor for press releases

Small businesses need to be careful when choosing a distribution company for press releases.

  • They want to reach the right audiences (and which media outlets they should follow).

  • Their budget

  • Distribution options that a company is an ability to offer

  • What is their target audience geographically? Is it in a single city or a specific state, or are they looking for a national or international audience?

  • They may also need any additional features (e.g., if no one at the company is familiar with writing press releases), it might be worth hiring a service to do it.

Public relations firms can also offer free press releases. Specialist PR professionals do a better job.

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